Taylor Momsen: Being 16 ‘Is Way Overrated’


At last night’s launch party for Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl–inspired Target diffusion line, Penn Badgley told us that playing a New York–based college kid is not so tough for him. “Being young and living in the city is enough experience of its own, and I’m living that,” he said. “I feel like it’s pretty authentic in that sense.” Naturally, we then asked if he used tongue on Hilary Duff last week. “No, God, no! It was a modest kiss, totally unromantic. It’s a job. “Taylor Momsen, who showed up last and with lipstick smeared all over her teeth in an almost chic way, said Jenny’s getting more debauched, too: “She’s a junior and she’s queen, and she’s definitely growing up and maturing — but she’s going to get sucked back in. She’s on the Upper East Side now and has money and power.” Momsen, however, is still a downtown girl. “I’m a loner in real life,” she said. “[Being 16] is way overrated. I can’t even drive in the city. Can you do more at 17? I don’t know.” Sigh.