‘That’s Linda McMahon and You Will Treat Her With the Respect She Deserves’


We’re sad that Linda McMahon, wife of WWE head honcho Vince, has quit from her role as chief executive of the professional wrestling organization in order to run for the Senate in Connecticut. Because basically, it was our only chance to ever see a candidate for statewide office get “tombstoned.” McMahon is set to run as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Chris Dodd, who has been doing poorly in the polls and is up for reelection in 2010. Dodd, who is aiming for his sixth term in office, is seen as one of the weakest-positioned Democrats in the Senate.

In the video here, you can see Linda’s acting prowess from a 2001 episode of RAW, in which she engaged in some sort of garbage-tossing, sleeveless-flannel-wearing confrontation with former WWF star Stone Cold Steve Austin. We literally have no idea what is going on in this clip, but if this is what next year’s Connecticut election could look like, we would be really delighted.