The Climax of the Summer of Lourdes


In April of this year, we proclaimed that the following months would be the Summer of Lourdes because she would be spending them here in New York with her mother, while her brothers David and Rocco spend much of their time in London with their dad, Guy Ritchie. Of course, that was before it turned out that the little limelight stealer, Mercy James, would be joining her family after all. And then every headline was suddenly: “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!” But it turns out Lourdes had the last laugh: She, not Mercy or David or Rocco, landed a coveted cameo in Madonna’s most recent video, “Celebration.” At three minutes and fourteen seconds in, you can see the limber Lourdes do a little dance and back bend. Sure, her mom’s boyfriend, Jesus Luz, also got a few seconds onscreen, but she doesn’t have to worry about him. Of all the children in her mom’s life, that one is bound to stick around the shortest.

[Video via Gawker]