The Closing of Café Des Artistes Reminds Former Magazine Editor How Awesome He Is


As Richard Bradley — formerly known as Richard Blow, the George editor who famously violated a confidentiality agreement to write a tell-all book about John F. Kennedy Jr. after his death — knows, the best way to pay homage to someone is to share a personal anecdote about how they affected you, preferably one that highlights how awesome you are. Today the writer honors recently shuttered Upper West Side institution Café des Artistes by sharing a story about a special evening he spent there with his other famous bestie, Bono.

Clad in a long coat, black jeans, black boots, a sweater and a hat, Bono came walking up to the restaurant alone, which was incredibly appealing. The only other really famous person I knew who did that—arrived at an event without an entourage of at least one—was John Kennedy. But Bono explained that he’d recently bought an apartment on Central Park South (about ten blocks away), and he liked to walk. We sat down in a booth and ordered and talked and drank a couple of bottles of wine. Bono, it’s safe to say, consumed a larger percentage of them than I did. He was charming and thoughtful and intense and charismatic—exactly as a rock star should be…I asked if he remembered a U2 show I’d attended at Woolsey Hall at Yale, when I was a freshman, in the spring of 1983…He answered that yes, he remembered the show, and I said how, and he said that he remembered every show the band played, which I found almost beyond belief.

Yes. That is almost beyond belief.

Goodbye to All That []

Yes. That is almost beyond belief.

Goodbye to All That []