The End of the World Is Upon Us


As it turns out, it has been falling apart for quite some time. Angelina and Brad have failed to save Ethiopia. Australia and New Zealand have mushed together. The guy who bought Ireland killed himself. Development has come to a halt, and now all that is left of Dubai's extravagant project to build 300 private islands arranged in Earth formation in the Persian Gulf is, according to the Times U.K., "a desolate collection of sandy blots." Says one property agent:

The World has been cancelled. It doesn’t even look like the world. Basically there is one island that is maintained that is said to be owned by the Sheikh [Dubai’s ruler] and the rest looks like a pile of muck."

Depressing, although not exactly unexpected. The World is probably one of the biggest symbols of boom-era craziness we can think of. Other than this. Oh, ugh, and these. The worst part is, this story came out like a week ago and we didn't even notice. Fingers crossed that when the real world ends, we'll be paying closer attention.