The Goracle Comes As Close to Endorsing Bloomberg As Humanly Possible


Mayor Bloomberg was painting rooftops white in Long Island City today — because it reflects sunlight, lowering cooling costs — so who better to join him than the whitest person in world, Al Gore? Bloomberg has done a good job so far racking up support — or at least non-opposition — from high-profile Democrats, and though he didn't explicitly come out and endorse the candidacy of Mayor Bloomberg, Gore could barely contain his veneration for Hizzoner's leadership:

And I'm proud to endorse the leadership and the actions the Mayor Bloomberg has been taking for quite a long time on this issue and this is just another example of that. I am a recovering politician. I'm on about step nine, so I try to stay out of the partisan races, but I'm very proud of Mike Bloomberg's leadership, I really am. I'm not just saying it. I get a chance to work with mayors all over this country, and actually mayors in lots of other countries as well, and I know real leadership on the environment when I see it, and this is the real deal.

Okay, okay, we believe you — relax.

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