Crisis-Defining Moment Occurs at Michael Moore Premiere


We would love nothing more than to ignore Michael Moore’s crisis documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, which looks incredibly irritating. Actually, we would love one thing more, which would be to approach Michael Moore at his bedside while he is sleeping and yell at him through a megaphone. But we have to give him this: Already, before even being released, his film has managed to produce the perfect crisis-defining anecdote, one that basically sums up the entire past year.

Apparently, the film features a scene of a family being evicted from their home in Peoria, Illinois, by representatives of Citigroup. The family came to the premiere at Lincoln Center last night, and at one point, according to the Times DealBook:

The family patriarch yelled to Mr. Moore from the audience that he thought the film was ‘great.’ He may not have realized he was yelling from a seat in the ‘Citi Balcony.’”

Yeah! Power to the people! At least we have our MOVIES!

‘Capitalism’ Comes to New York [DealBook/NYT]

Yeah! Power to the people! At least we have our MOVIES!

‘Capitalism’ Comes to New York [DealBook/NYT]