Video: Lawyer Asks Jeffrey Epstein If His Wang Is Indeed ‘Egg-Shaped’


Not since the fall of 2007 has the wang been so present in our culture. Only now it’s not movie stars whose members we’re hearing about, it’s criminals. First we had Bernie Madoff’s mistress Sheryl Weinstein dishing on his “winky dink,” now we have this video of accused sex offender Jeffrey Epstein being asked, by a faintly southern-accented lawyer during a deposition,

Is it true, sir, that — um — you have what’s been described as an egg-shaped penis?”

And then it gets WORSE. Watch!

And then it gets WORSE. Watch!

Sir, according to the police department, one witness described your penis as oval-shaped, and claimed when erect it was thick towards the bottom but thin and small towards the head portion. Is that true?

It’s like you can’t even get arrested anymore without having your wang described in painstaking detail in the media! To Epstein’s credit, he seems to see the humor in his predicament, though his lawyer does not. If this is some kind of newfangled program to scare men out of committing crimes, we bet it works.

[Palm Beach Post via Cityfile]