What Happens When Drag Queens Date Drag Queens


In the Times today, Jenny 8. Lee interviews drag queen Sahara Davenport, whose real name, when he's a boy, is Antoine Ashley. Antoine is dating a man who by night is the drag queen Manila Luzon. This is what Antoine says about what happens when two men who professionally dress up as women fall in love:

At first it was like, “I don’t want to date no drag queen.” I guess it’s considered taboo and funny. I always have to set my friends straight and say, “We’re two gay men, and that is why we’re attracted to each other.” We don’t kiss in drag usually, it messes up our lipstick. Sometimes I’ll try, and she’ll be like, “Get away from me.”

Can you get all that straight? No? Well, good. It's not really meant to be kept straight.

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