Who Is This Nearly Naked Dude (?) on Brooklyn’s Waterfront?


We happened across one of our favorite local blogs today, Newyorkshitty, and were startled to see this photograph featured prominently. It captures, as you can see, an older man sunbathing in a barely there thong in Manhattan Avenue Park in Brooklyn. What stopped us in our tracks was that we saw this very man lolling around in Brooklyn Bridge Park not two weeks ago. He very nearly ruined our Grimaldi’s pizza picnic, mostly because everything ground to a halt while we debated whether we were looking at (from behind) a topless woman or a woefully underclad man. Does anyone know who this man is? Is he a regular of some kind? And how does this affect the Health commissioner’s plan to ban burning butts up in our public parks?

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Putting The “Man” in Manhattan Avenue Park [Newyorkshitty]