Wolf Blitzer’s Epic Celebrity Jeopardy! Fail


After flubbing Julia Child’s name, Jesus’s birthplace, and a noodle-related question on last night’s Celebrity Jeopardy!, the Situation Room host ended up with negative $4,600, whereupon he had to be actually bailed out — the show gave him $1,000, because he’s a celebrity — to proceed to the final round. Despite kindly host Alex Trebek’s attempts to comfort him (“Wolf, things have worked out not so well as you had hoped for, Andy Richter is just so much faster on that buzzer this round”), there was no mistaking it: This was a crushing, epic defeat. Politico has condensed the highlights. Don’t forget to check out the uncomfortable, appalled looks on co-contestants Richter and Dana Delany’s faces as they absorb this terrible Situation.