You Want a Piece of Richard Fuld? ‘Line Up’


They say that former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld has been out of sight since the bank's collapse because he's "embarrassed to be seen in public," in the words of one former colleague. That, after being portrayed as a "devil" in the press (ahem), he's "afraid someone is going to throw a pie in his face." Hogwash. Richard Fuld is not afraid. He knew when the anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers rolled around they'd come for him, and he's been preparing for this day. He has been up at his house in the Rocky Mountains, swimming and "hiking" and otherwise training for the deluge, and he is ready. "You don't have a gun, do you? That's good," he told a Reuters reporter who caught up with him at the compound recently, then gave her this message to pass along:

"They're looking for someone to dump on right now, and that's me," Fuld lamented. I've been pummeled, I've been dumped on, and it's all going to happen again. I can handle it. You know what, let them line up."

You heard the man, plebes. This September 15, make Richard Fuld's day.

Exclusive: Fuld says being "dumped on" for Lehman failure [Reuters]