Ali Wise Hacked Phones Nearly 700 Times


Former Dolce & Gabbana publicist Ali Wise was slapped with additional charges yesterday when she turned up in court to face accusations of electronic spying. Wise was originally accused of hacking into the voice mail of Nina Freudenberger, a rival in publicity and in love. Later, more women came out of the woodwork to claim that Wise had similarly intruded into their private lives using a widely available “SpoofCard” hacking device. And yesterday, she was told there was a fourth woman accusing her of computer trespass — bringing her felony count to four, along with charges of eavesdropping, computer tampering, aggravated harassment, and stalking. Punishment for the charges ranges from probation to four years in prison. But the most jaw-dropping statistic is the number of voice-mail hacking calls she’s accused of making. She allegedly hacked Freudenberger’s voice mail 337 times, on top of the 137 calls she made to another woman’s private in-box, 119 to another, and at least 102 to yet another. That’s a total of at least 695 calls! Think about that. If you check your voice mail twice a day, that’s nearly two years’ worth of the calls you’d normally make on your own behalf.

We are kind of digging the image we have right now, which is of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, playing the role of our parents in ninth grade, holding up a phone bill at Ali Wise and shaking their heads in disappointment.

Flack ‘hack attack’ on love rivals [NYP]