Alicia Silverstone Will Teach You How to Poop


Alicia Silverstone has been a vegan for ten years, and with her new book, The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Saving the Planet, she hopes to convert the rest of us. “The truth is, there is a list of foods that will make you fat and make you sick and hurt you and make you older and tired and slowly deteriorate,” she told us at last night’s launch party at Candle Cafe. Like milk, for instance. “Remember, dairy was designed to make little baby calves turn into 400-pound cows, so that’s what it does to you,” she told us. “It makes you fat.” Wow, that’s way harsh, Cher. We totally felt like a heifer, and we hadn’t even eaten two bowls of Special K, three pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, five peanut butter M&Ms, and three pieces of licorice. “A vegan diet, on the other hand,” the Clueless actress explained, “will nourish you and make you vibrant and feel your best.” There are also, um, other benefits. “Most people aren’t pooing,” Silverstone told us, leaning in. “I know two girls in my life who are good friends, who were not pooing, but now they’re pooing ‘cause I helped them. I taught them how to poo.” Wow. So she’s, like, the bowel whisperer. Which girls? we asked, but Alicia wouldn’t say, although, for the record, party guests Lake Bell and Giada De Laurentiis denied it was them.