Balloon Boy Barfs on Live TV


The Heene children have had quite the day. They became the focus of national attention when their parents called a local news station to tell them that their son, Falcon, had climbed into the carriage of a weather balloon that had become untethered and was drifting high over northern Colorado. The Heenes told authorities that another of their sons had seen Falcon climb into the basket — a claim that turned out not to be true. Falcon had never been in the basket and was hiding in the family garage the whole time. But the press attention didn’t stop — the kids were forced to go on television well into the evening, at which point an exhausted Falcon let slip that his parents told him to hide “for the show.” And yet, the Heene parents didn’t stop the television engagements there. They continued to make appearances, on the latest of which their children look practically catatonic — and, during two of which, Falcon actually becomes physically ill. Check out this video from the Today show, in which the little boy vomits on camera, and his dad blithely continues the interview. (To be fair, Meredith Vieira did keep asking him questions. But surely she’s used to people vomiting around her during the show — all that morning drinking and ladies who are constantly pregnant on that show, it must happen all the time.)