Bethenny Really Is Getting Her Own Show!


We heard a few months ago that Bethenny Frankel, the most caustic of our beloved Real Housewives, might be leaving the show to star in her own reality program. Over the intervening weeks, there were denials, lawsuit threats, a whole lot of rumors over whether she was actually engaged, and even a Twitter fight with Rachel Zoe. But last night, Variety reported that at least part of the story is true: Bethenny’s getting her own reality show, for Bravo. (So will Fabio Viviani from Top Chef and Christian Siriano from Project Runway.)

Bethenny’s program is yet untitled, but will be produced by the same company that does Real Housewives, so there’s hope she can do both. According to Variety, the show “will showcase her career as a natural foods chef, as well as the Gotham socialite’s love life.” Which seems like it’s overdoing it, really. If the show description was “Bethenny talks to gay people, tells some jokes about her vagina, and cries,” we’d still DVR it. That’s all we really need.

Three Bravo stars get solo series [Variety]