Bill Ritter Called Bernie Kerik a Cock


We love the weird truths that emerge when news anchors slip up in their delivery of seemingly simple lines. Like the time that Shep Smith talked about Jennifer Lopez not getting blow jobs from her former neighbors in the Bronx. And when local news anchor Cynthia Izaguirre expressed shock that a man was able to climb Mount Everest even though he was gay. (He was, in fact, blind.) And of course recently there was the odd gift of Ernie Anastos telling his weather man to “Keep Fucking That Chicken,” which gets at a truth we don’t think we even want to know about. The latest example came last night when ABC 7 news anchor Bill Ritter slipped up on air and called the recently jailed Bernard Kerik New York’s former “top cock.” Which, really, in its own way is just as accurate as if he’d managed to say “top cop.”