Bloomberg and Thompson Debate for the Last Time Before Bloomberg Beats Thompson


If there was any doubt that Michael Bloomberg and Bill Thompson share a strong mutual distaste for one another, it’s gone after tonight’s debate, the last before next Tuesday’s election. The two candidates went at each other all night, with each accusing the other of lying, corruption and practicing poor table manners.

The most memorable part of the night came after Thompson defended his time at the Board of Education by citing reports that called him a conciliator. “No más!” Bloomberg yelled in Spanish, inexplicably. At the end of the debate each candidate was asked to grade the other’s job performance. “I think I’ll be kind and give the mayor a D minus,” Thompson said not so kindly. Bloomberg didn’t offer a grade but he did say, “[Thompson]’s certainly the best comptroller that I’ve ever had to work with.” Of course, he’s also the only comptroller he’s ever had to work with.

Bloomberg and Thompson’s Final Face-Off [NYT]