Bloomberg Gives Us Two Tickets to the Gun Show


We don’t mean he’s flexing his muscles, although, metaphorically, he kind of is (we’re looking at you, Bob McDonnell). But no, Bloomberg is literally taking us inside gun shows — in Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada. As part of a New York City investigation, undercover agents with hidden cameras went to various gun shows and openly flouted the already paltry regulations in place to see if they would still be allowed to buy firearms. And guess what — they were! Easily! For example, it’s illegal to sell a gun to someone if they tell you they can’t pass a background check. We’re not sure how many people are stupid enough to say that in real life, which makes it even more startling that 19 out of 30 vendors in this sting went ahead with the sale after hearing it. The ease of buying guns at these shows with barely any safeguards is why, according to Bloomberg’s Huffington Post diary, “89% of guns used in crimes in New York City last year originated out of state.” Thanks a lot, rest of America!

[Gun Show: Undercover]