Bloomberg Opponents Take a Page Out of the Corzine Playbook


A local Communications Workers of America union will begin running $500,000 worth of television ads tomorrow in support of Bill Thompson. In an homage to Jon Corzine’s infamous and seemingly influential ad highlighting his opponent’s weight, the underlying theme of its first anti-Bloomberg spot is that … the mayor is ugly. In the ad, a narrator criticizes the mayor on various issues as photos of Hizzoner’s face at particularly awkward and unattractive moments flash across the screen, until finally, it all comes together: “Even with hundreds of millions in campaign spending, they can’t hide the ugly side of Michael Bloomberg.” Can Bloomberg’s alleged ugliness become the same type of game-changer that Chris Christie’s fatness has been? He may be a little testudinal, but to us, ugly seems like a stretch.

A Referendum On Bloomberg - And Wall Street [Daily Politics/NYDN]