Bloomberg Spends the Most of His Very Own Money That He Made All by Himself


The New York Times has fun today with the new report that Mike Bloomberg has now spent more of his own money seeking public office than anyone else in the history of America. As of Friday, the mayor has spent $85 million on just this re-election campaign alone, a number expected to go up to $140 million by the November 3rd election, for a lifetime total of $250 million. But how do we put big numbers like that into a context we can easily understand?

The Times:

We could have had another Harry Potter movie instead of a mayor!

We could have had another Medford, Mass!

And what exactly is the Bloomberg campaign spending all this money on? PIZZA PARTIES, of course!:

And his political operation has become a one-man economic stimulus program, buying $8,892 worth of pizza from Goodfellas Brick Oven Pizza on Staten Island and in the Bronx. The company had suffered a big drop in business since the start of the recession.

Bloomberg Sets Record for His Own Spending on Elections [NYT]