Before He Was Arrested for Insider Trading, Bob Was the Most Fun Guy at the Office


Despite the fact that he was busted by federal wire tap, no one at IBM can believe Robert Moffat, a senior vice-president at the company, was leaking secrets about the computer maker’s financials to hedge fund Galleon Group because he was, well, so much fun. According to colleagues, Moffatt, a 31-year veteran of the company, was a "true-blue worker" who used to start meetings with trivia about "This Day in History," and was always the most entertaining person at company events. Witness:

To boost employee morale, according to a former colleague, he once told workers in the Raleigh office that if the division turned a profit in one quarter, he would wear a kilt at a company event. When it did, he kept his promise. He once dressed up in a sumo-wrestler suit at a conference.

We have to agree, Bob is too awesome to be guilty. Look, you can see by the picture, he even brought a supersize brownie down to the courthouse last week after he was arrested! What a guy.

Moffat’s Galleon Arrest Stuns IBMers Who Recall Sumo Suit, Kilt [Bloomberg]