Before He Was Arrested for Insider Trading, Bob Was the Most Fun Guy at the Office

Photo: Bloomberg

Despite the fact that he was busted by federal wire tap, no one at IBM can believe Robert Moffat, a senior vice-president at the company, was leaking secrets about the computer maker’s financials to hedge fund Galleon Group because he was, well, so much fun. According to colleagues, Moffatt, a 31-year veteran of the company, was a "true-blue worker" who used to start meetings with trivia about "This Day in History," and was always the most entertaining person at company events. Witness:

To boost employee morale, according to a former colleague, he once told workers in the Raleigh office that if the division turned a profit in one quarter, he would wear a kilt at a company event. When it did, he kept his promise. He once dressed up in a sumo-wrestler suit at a conference.

We have to agree, Bob is too awesome to be guilty. Look, you can see by the picture, he even brought a supersize brownie down to the courthouse last week after he was arrested! What a guy.

Moffat’s Galleon Arrest Stuns IBMers Who Recall Sumo Suit, Kilt [Bloomberg]