High-strung New York Parents Turn to Weed to Relax


It's not just bloggers and CEOs of major financial firms who smoke pot to wind down from their high-stress jobs. The latest issue of Marie Claire suggests that the wacky tobacky is now in vogue among some of the most uptight, high-strung people in New York: parents of small children. As Rachel Murphy, a 36-year-old "entertainment industry publicist" and mother of a toddler, tells the magazine:

"I'm sorry, but I have a stressful job, I have a baby. I need to unwind somehow, and I don't really like to drink," she grumbles. So, while hanging out with married friends, most of whom are also parents, Murphy will occasionally join in when one pulls out a baggie and starts prepping a bowl.

Makes sense. Also, it sure explains this.

Stiletto Stoners [Marie Claire]