Mulligan and Sarandon at An Education Screening


At last night’s premiere of An Education, burgeoning star Carey Mulligan was shining in all her chic, cute glory — until her liquor-swilling boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf, picked a lovers’ spat! Earlier in the night, Mulligan had mused longingly on the suburban gentlemen in her sixties period piece: “I love the way the men dress [in the film],” she told us. “They just look so chivalrous. It’s so nice to have a door held open for you. And they do it when they’ve got their hats on. In real life they don’t always do that.” No, it appears they don’t, as LaBeouf — who wouldn’t talk to us, even though we were all excited to ask him if he’s ever had an affair with an old person, like his girlfriend’s character in the film — was drinking his own whiskey at the wine bar.

Outside the party, seemingly hidden from the view of paps (but not Intel!), LaBeouf cornered Mulligan and did all sorts of arm-raising and angry-facing before storming off into the night. Watching the spat, we wondered if this will be one of those moments Mulligan looks back on when she wonders where if their relationship went awry. The night he picked that fight at my big premiere, she’ll think. Anyway, Mulligan — who remained composed throughout the talk — patted her dress down, held her head high, and walked back inside the premiere party. We can see what Anna Wintour likes about this girl.