Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Will Not Let It Go


Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's spectacularly ugly divorce trial ended last year, but neither half of the pair, it seems, is willing to let it all go. After a series of back-and-forth public squabbles in which each attacked the other for their subpar parenting skills, they met in court in Long Island again yesterday, where lawyers for both parties presented demands that included prison terms for each of them. Per the Post:

While both sides acknowledge that prison time is unlikely, the mere mention of the slammer drew a few gasps in court.

If this were a movie, this would probably end with them both in jail, mouthing "I love you" at each other across the yard in matching orange jumpsuits, while little Jack and Sailor were free to grow up unfettered by their parents' craziness. But unfortunately, it's reality, which means it will probably just end with everyone involved bloated and alcoholic, and someone at some point recording an album.

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