Chuck Todd’s Goatee, 2002–2009


With the Philadelphia Phillies advancing past the Los Angeles Dodgers and into the World Series last night, NBC political sage Chuck Todd has lost his bet to ABC’s troublemaking rabble-rouser Jake Tapper. Though Todd has the option to pay $1,000 to a charity of his choice in lieu of shaving his trademark facial hair, his tweets from last night indicate that he may actually pull the plug on his goatee. And so, in remembrance, we take a look back at an inspiring, beautiful life.

Chuck Todd’s goatee was grown in July 2002, in an effort to make the 30-year-old Hotline editor look less like a teenager. It worked, and in March of 2007, Todd’s goatee propelled its human host to NBC, where it became political director, and ultimately, chief White House correspondent. From that point on, Todd’s goatee was witness to some of the most important events of the election season. Highlights included highly accurate superdelegate predictions during the Democratic primaries, exclusive interviews with political movers and shakers, and a great turkey sandwich at that place in Des Moines. Todd’s goatee leaves this world a better place, having touched so many lives, and so many French horns. He is survived by a clean-shaven Chuck Todd, now destined to become one of Washington’s most mediocre political journalists. Todd’s goatee was 7 years old. He will be missed.

Chuck Todd To Shave Goatee…At Least We Think He Will [Click/Politico]