Conservative Group to Protect Children by Protesting Outside of Their School


Back in February, as part of Black History Month, an adorable multicultural group of children at New Jersey’s B. Bernice Young School were taught a song about Barack Obama, which included lyrics like, “Barack Hussein Obama/He said that all must lend a hand/To make this country strong again.” It’s an oddly catchy tune, though we can see why some parents and, obviously, the conservative blogosphere, didn’t appreciate it, to say the least. Would you want your kids learning songs about George W. Bush’s vision for America? We didn’t think so. For some reason, the video turned up in September, and after a predictable outcry, faded into memory once more. But not for some people! A conservative group, 912 Project Burlington Group, organized a rally this morning outside the school, which is in session. About 60 people showed up, under a beefed-up police presence, to “rescue our children from the socialist agenda of the [National Education Association] and the Obama administration” and “squelch this trend to politicize our youth,” according to the group. Right — don’t want to go ahead and politicize the kids, now.

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