Do MTA Police Officers Hate Happiness?


After Out columnist and actor Jesse Archer did a spontaneous cartwheel in Grand Central Station this past weekend, MTA cops handed him a ticket for disorderly conduct. When he protested, he says, they beat him up.

When they were done issuing me the citation, I start walking toward my friend Stace who was waiting nearby. Facing him, not the cops, I utter an expletive about the cops, and next thing I know I'm being tackled by several policemen from behind. The cops wrench my wrist back, handcuff me, and one of them has my head and is pounding it into the cold hard cement. I was not resisting, I was not fighting. I didn't even see them coming. They were simply going to teach this faggot a lesson! While my brains are being dashed, all I can think (besides, this shouldn't be happening!) was that this kind of injury is exactly how Natasha Richardson died.

We guess Kelly Bensimon was wrong. Sometimes cartwheels do have a price.

Police Brutality - New York's Finest! [Jessie on the Brink via Gothamist]