Dominic Carter May Have Had a Secret Family


Who ever thought a NY1 anchor would have such a compelling inner life? Dominic Carter, the political anchor for the placid, well-loved news channel, not only abuses his wife — he also has a secret family! That’s according to his wife, Marilyn’s, brother, who accuses Carter of having maintained a long-running affair with his high-school sweetheart and fathering two children with her (one of whom he says is named Dominic Jr., just like one of Carter’s sons with his wife). The brother, Larry Stevens, also says that the domestic abuse in the Carter household has been going on for twenty years, and that his family has often urged Marilyn to leave her husband. In court yesterday, where the pair testified about a particularly nasty fight last year, Marilyn admitted that Carter had cheated on her, but denied that he’d ever hit her, according to the Post.That contradicts a 911 call she made last year, and a police report in which she claimed he punched her several times in the face and told her, “You’re dumb, you’re stupid, you’re retarded … you’re a dumb project bitch, and I have no respect for you.” As the misdemeanor assault case progresses, NY1 has put their former star anchor on “indefinite leave of absence.”

NY1 star’s ‘secret family’ [NYP]