Drano Bomb Ruins Williamsburgers’ Saturday Night


Late Saturday night, police detonated a homemade Drano bomb in the middle of South Third Street in Williamsburg after someone found it and called it in. Sweet! You might say, if you were 12 years old and/or a Daily Intel editor. But no: The hubbub not only inconvenienced residents — police blocked off the street from around 12:30 to 4 a.m. — it really spooked them. “I feel really unsafe now,” one woman who lives on the block told the Daily News. “People who say that this stuff can’t happen in their neighborhood, but it can.” Oddly, it’s the second time this year a Drano-related incident has occurred in the neighborhood: Back in June, a couple of kids were hit in the face with a flying plastic container filled with a mixture of drain cleaner and water.

Cop squad pulls the plug on ‘Drano bomb’ in Brooklyn [NYDN]