Family Members Upset That Taconic Tragedy to Be Portrayed on Law & Order


Law & Order filmed a scene in Harlem last week with an actress driving a van full of kids, apparently for a “ripped from the headlines” episode based on the heartbreaking tragedy last summer in which seven people were killed when a mother drove the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway while drunk and high. The Post talked to family members of those killed, who aren’t happy about it, including Michael Bastardi, who lost his father and brother in the crash, who says NBC is “grabbing a tragedy, and they’re going to get people to watch it.” He says he won’t watch the show. NBC hasn’t commented on the script, but, you know, maybe it’s too soon on this one.

Diss ‘Order’ Ly: Taconic van-wreck kin blast ‘Law’ copy episode [NYP]