Spider-Man Gimmick Not As Successful As Rickshaw Driver Had Hoped


New York seems to attract a disproportionate amount of adults who like to dress up in superhero garb. There was Aggressive Superman and Aggressive Batman, who were both arrested in Times Square this summer, and then there was Leighton Meester at the Met Costume Institute Ball this year. And now the Times has introduced us to Shaun Emerson, a Miami transplant who decided to jazz up his rickshaw business by wearing a Spider-Man suit and performing acrobatic moves, because, he told the paper, “If you’re going to come to New York, you have got to have a plan,” he said. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t seem to be working out for him entirely. One of Emerson’s passengers recently threw up after riding with him, and the money’s no good. “Ideally, I thought I would make crazy money, like the Naked Cowboy,” he told the paper. But alas. Apparently, the market for superheroes is overcrowded.

A Rickshaw-Pulling Spider-Man, Revealed [City Room/NYT]