Fortune Readers Won’t Care If Magazine Cuts Back, Says Time Inc Exec


Fortune is cutting the number of issues it will publish to 18 times next year, down from 25 times this year. But don’t worry, it’s no big deal, an executive at parent company Time Inc tell The Wall Street Journal, the magazine isn’t really that essential to its readers, anyway:

John Huey, a former Fortune editor who now oversees editorial operations at many Time Inc. magazines, said consumers didn’t care how often Fortune is published, and that many of them didn’t even know Fortune comes out every other week.

Ha, dude is all like, ‘What, you think people are sitting around waiting for their copy of Fortune with bated breath? Not bloody likely! After all, he went on to say, it’s not like the magazine is any good as it is now, anyway. The less of them out there, the better!

We’re going to be putting out fewer magazines, but we’re going to be investing in the print product we have to make them better magazines,” Mr. Huey said.

Well, wow. We don’t know if this is bad spin or honesty, but either way, it’s awesome.

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