Frank Rich: Balloon Dad Was Just Trying to Feed His Family


In an op-ed titled "In Defense of the 'Balloon Boy' Dad" today, Frank Rich takes the rather inevitable knee-jerk-counterintuitive stance that we are all responsible for the Balloon Boy debacle, and that Richard Heene's actions were the natural result of our current culture:

"Heene is a direct descendant of those Americans of the Great Depression who fantasized, usually in vain, that they might find financial salvation if only they could grab a spotlight in show business."

Also, Heene is a carpenter, and he couldn't find work because people don't need carpenters right now! Because of foreclosures, and the economy. Okay, sure, why not? Fine. Oh, and he also says that everyone who watched that balloon on the news while it was in the air was hoping to see a 6-year-old die. (Happy Sunday, everyone!)

In Defense of the "Balloon Boy" Dad [NYT]