Going Anywhere Will Be Horrible This Weekend


Remember a few weeks ago, when service on basically every subway line was disrupted simultaneously for the whole weekend? The sudden realization that the train you were on wasn’t slowing down for the subway stop you intended to get off at? The sprinting and sweating after your intricately timed travel plans fell to pieces? The preemptive decision to just avoid it all and embrace the role of a social outcast, at home, in your Snuggie, eating delivery and watching Forrest Gump, even though it’s literally always on TV? It’s all back! The widespread service disruptions return this weekend, with work scheduled for seventeen out of twenty lines. Of course, you can always take a (slightly more expensive) cab — just make sure to avoid the areas around the Halloween parade and the New York City Marathon, because those are going to result in a lot of closed streets. Have fun!

Parade + Marathon + MTA Disruptions = Nightmare [WCBS2]