Governor Paterson Has an Exit Strategy


Despite the utterly equivocal support of his fellow Democrats, the looming challenge of the exponentially more popular Andrew Cuomo, and pressure from the president himself, Governor David Paterson has been adamant about his intentions to run for governor next year. Of course, Paterson — a proud man, a man who feels that he’s performed as well as could be expected given the economy — wants to avoid the perception that he’s being strong-armed out of the race against his will, so he pretty much has to be adamant. But according to sources the Daily News spoke to, there is one “major caveat” to Paterson’s plan: If the polls don’t improve by early 2010, he’ll “reassess.” A caveat? We’d say! Considering how consistently, reliably low Paterson’s poll numbers have been over the past eight months or so, that’s like telling someone you’re definitely going to play a round of golf tonight unless the sun sets.

Tanking Gov. Paterson may ‘reassess’ his election bid [NYDN]