Great, Now the Rich Are Evolving Into a New Species


Hey, guess what, everybody! There are some amazing technological advances being made in medicine. Some day not too far away, futurologist Paul Saffo says, people will be able to get genetic testing done that will help them prevent hereditary diseases. They will have access to drugs custom-made for their systems, and will possibly even be able to regrow their own organs if they are damaged. But oh, not you:

But Mr Saffo says these improvements would only be affordable to the super-rich. And because of this, he says, advancements may lead to a divide between the classes and eventually could lead to the super-rich evolving into a different species entirely, leaving his not-so-rich counterpart behind.

And we thought it was bad when they created derivatives. How quaint.

Rich 'may evolve into separate species' [Telegraph UK via WSJ]