Hillary Clinton Looks Forward to Retiring


What with this Barack Obama fellow always hogging the spotlight, Hillary Clinton has kept out of the public eye more so than at any time in the past, oh, eighteen years or so. Which is odd, considering that she’s actually one of the highest-ranking officials in government. Some people assume that this means she’s been marginalized in the administration, but Hillary tells Ann Curry that she finds such thoughts “absurd” — she’s just “delegating”! And who would blame her? What kind of psychopath would actually want to personally handle all the various international quandaries going on around the world? But because nobody believes Hillary can be satisfied with anything but the presidency, Curry asks the question that every interviewer is legally required to ask of her until the day she dies: Will she run again? “No,” Hillary replies with her trademark burst of somewhat maniacal laughter. “I’m looking forward to retirement at some point.”