Hiram Monserrate Shouldn’t Have Changed That Bloody Shirt


Closing arguments finished in the assault case against State Senator Hiram Monserrate yesterday, with much pressure from both sides put on damning statements that hospital workers say Monserrate's girlfriend Karla Giraldo gave as they tended to the facial wound he gave her — either accidentally or on purpose — with a broken water glass. But there was another element to the night's events that prosecutor Scott Kessler said was key to determining Monserrate's intent:

He said other evidence included a torn and bloody man’s undershirt in Mr. Monserrate’s trash. And he said that Mr. Monserrate changed out of a different bloody shirt before driving Ms. Giraldo to the hospital, where videos showed him sipping a soda while she carried her belongings and held a towel to her face. “Jackie Kennedy was wearing a pink dress as her husband was shot,” Mr. Kessler said. “When L.B.J. gets sworn in, she’s still wearing the dress with her husband’s blood. There were more important things than how she looked.”

You hear that, Justice William Erlbaum? Hiram Monserrate is no Jackie Kennedy. Case closed, baby. Case friggin' closed.

As Monserrate Trial Closes, Starkly Different Accounts of Injuries [NYT]