Ivanka Trump Takes On Yet Another Job


One of the amazing things about Ivanka Trump is that she manages to do so much stuff — you know, like “working” and “memoir-writing” and “being a Woman.” People are really impressed by it, especially since this is a girl who has pulled herself up from nothing by her bootstraps. A couple of weeks ago, we heard a lady on the television ask Ivanka how she managed to function as a businessladysexsymbol. “How do you maintain a balance between a sense of self, some sense of femininity, while also being assertive enough, without being too aggressive?” she said. We didn’t hear her exact answer because we were just like: Whoa, that sounds exhausting. And now, we have been informed via e-mail that in the aftermath of her wedding and her honeymoon in Africa, Ivanka has taken on yet another job.

Now that Ivanka’s whirlwind wedding is over, she is helping future brides plan their big day by hosting an upscale, intimate bridal event at her flagship Madison Avenue store. The event, taking place on Thursday, November 12 from 5-7 PM, will be an intimate gathering for brides-to-be and will showcase New York’s “hidden gems” in bridal beauty, fashion and accessories. The purpose of the event is help brides-to-be sort through the clutter of options and provide an exclusive preview of the upcoming 2010 wedding season.”

Wow. To do everything she does and selflessly help others like that? That is truly amazing.