Ivanka Trump Did Not Invite Cindy Adams to Her Wedding


Daily Intel just received the following missive from one Ivanka Kushner, née Ivanka Trump, regarding our earlier post about the Post’s Cindy Adams report detailing the J-Vanka wedding, a.k.a. the event of the season, at least until this weekend, when Gay New Year arrives. Sayeth Ivanka:

Cindy Adams neither attended nor was invited to my wedding, and her story was filled with various inaccuracies, including those about the weather and the “marketing flyer” included in the invitation, which were both easily fact-checkable. My wedding was a private, perfect occasion, the memories from which I will treasure for a lifetime.

How did Cindy know so much detail? we wondered. Did she crash?

How did Cindy know so much detail? we wondered. Did she crash?

Had she hidden behind an imported palm tree? Because the details really made it sound like she was there. Like we were there. (“For the clear-sided, see-through reception and ceremony tents, Donald brought in chandeliers from his golf club in D.C. It was smack in the middle of the course so you could see the beautiful trees and changing leaves.”) Reached by phone, a hoarse Cindy admitted that it was true, she hadn’t been to the wedding, but “half of the guests called me afterward” to report the details. Apparently, her account was a re-creation based on their accounts; a piece of New Journalism, or rather, Old New Journalism, since the New New Journalism is based mostly on Googling. “There was an inaccuracy,” she admitted. “The Trumps are Christian, they’re not Catholic. I typed wrong. My fingers … ” As for the marketing flyers? They were in there,” she insisted. A lot of people got them.”

Details from inside Ivanka & Jared’s wedding [Page Six/NYP]