James Franco Does Not Smoke Pot


TomKat, with Suri in tow, plus John Travolta and Kelly Preston, gathered with a crowd of 4,000 at the 25th anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists in West Sussex, England. Tom Cruise was “swaying and looked like he was in heaven,” while Katie was “clapping along with the song, but was totally out of sync.” Out of sync? We would expect more from a Broadway star. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez took his mind off the Jets’ loss at the Meadowlands by playing Nintendo Wii bowling until 4 a.m. at Latina Cantina in the East Village yesterday. Retired Yankees Al Leiter and David Cone downed beers and chatted with fans at Dorrian’s Red Hand early Sunday morning. At the New Yorker festival on Saturday, writer Henry Finder asked Tyler Perry where he’d like to be in ten years. Perry responded, “Sitting on an island smoking my first joint.” But it won’t be with James Franco. He said he hasn’t smoked pot since high school, but that “people think [he’s] stoned anyway.”

The eye-makeup-and-nail-polish-wearing, publicly out Adam Lambert is locked in a steamy embrace with lingerie model Kim Cloutier on the cover of November’s Details. Lambert confesses, “I like kissing women sometimes. Women are pretty. It doesn’t mean I’m necessarily sleeping with them.” “Page Six” couldn’t handle this, and ran a scandalized headline: “GAY MALE KISSES WOMAN.” Lindsay Lohan is more worried about her father’s accusations of substance abuse than she is about her increasing similarity in appearance to Donatella Versace. Meanwhile, the “teen hipster” who was caught on tape robbing LiLo and Audrina Patridge’s homes was charged with two counts of felony, and was also photographed outside Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel with Nickelodean’s Drake Bell and Playboy model Tess Taylor. Spencer Pratt offers loving words of wisdom regarding his sister Stephanie’s recent DUI. “I mean, I’ve had problems with drinking in Hollywood, but who doesn’t?” And Heidi Montag refused to attend her sister’s birthday party because she wouldn’t pay her to do so.

According to documents acquired by the Associated Press, Swiss officials tipped off the U.S. to Roman Polanski’s September visit to the Zurich film festival, where he was promptly arrested. In My Life Outside the Ring, Hulk Hogan talks about his post-divorce brush with suicide, where he downed a Xanax and rum cocktail, but was ultimately saved by his Gladiators co-star, Laila Ali. Channel 11 anchor Jim Watkins found a Paramount payroll check for $1,097 made out to Connor Paolo lying on 42nd Street. Paolo’s agent retrieved it from him later that day. And Shakira doesn’t mind when fans illegally download her music. It makes her feel “closer” to them, continuing, “It’s the democratization of music in a way. And music is a gift. That’s what it should be, a gift.” That’s all great, unless you’re trying to make a living off of it. Dr. Kevin Plancher is being honored at tomorrow’s Orthopedic Foundation Lifestyles Gala, in part for teaching Angelina Jolie how to avoid stunt injuries during Salt filming. Clearly this is the world’s most pressing orthopedic need.