James Gandolfini Slipped Al Sharpton a Salami


Brad Pitt drove his motorcycle into a parked car in L.A., causing him and the bike to fall over. Lindsay Lohan’s been dropped by her record label, she’s working for Ungaro for free, and now she’s giving reality TV a shot: A camera crew reportedly filmed her every move on a recent trip to Paris. On a date with Rashida Jones at the Chateau Marmont, John Mayer swiped some guy’s guitar and crooned, “Your Body Is a Wonderland.” Reverend Al Sharpton and James Gandolfini chatted in an elevator, then Gandolfini sent Sharpton a three-pound salami. Sienna Miller forcefully grabs her After Miss Julie co-star Jonny Lee Miller’s nether regions during the show, but Miller says he doesn’t mind because “she’s a skilled actress.”

Jude Law brought three girls to the East Village’s 2A, where he made out with one of them and lit up a cigarette (until the bartender told him to put it out). Meanwhile, his baby mama, Samantha Burke, is supposedly getting $300,000 from a British magazine for photos for their 1-month-old. Tom Cruise’s eighties flick Cocktail is being turned into a musical, and Katie Holmes is up for a leading role. Wolf Blitzer and Soledad O’Brien both suffered recent Jeopardy! defeats (to scholars like Desperate Housewives’ Dana Delany and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), but a “CNN insider” says it’s because the buzzers are too complicated. Justin Timberlake filed a restraining order against a 48-year-old “mentally unstable celebrity stalker” after she showed up at his home several times. And at the launch party for her new memoir, Susie Essman talked about how she and the other Curb Your Enthusiasm stars used to change together in the same trailer during the show’s early days.

Shakira says she has an oral fixation and is in treatment with a 70-year-old Freudian psychotherapist. She also reports, “My body feels like it is asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies.” A visibly preggers Gisele brunched on banana French toast at Extra Virgin. Freida Pinto wants Angelina Jolie to adopt her. Former prep-school girl Lady Gaga is performing on the November 16 episode of Gossip Girl. Chris Noth was treated to a round of applause from fans at P.J. Clarke’s after shooting a Sex and the City scene in the Empire Hotel. Madonna and her brood arrived in Malawi for the groundbreaking ceremony of her girls’ school. J-Vanka officially sealed the deal at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey yesterday. In their list of the ten celebrities they’d like to have “join them on the pole,” Scores girls listed Martha Stewart ahead of Pam Anderson and Madonna. SNL producers are working on a surprise Kanye cameo while Taylor Swift hosts next month. And Playgirl reps are convinced that Levi Johnston’s full-frontal shoot (which will be on stands in time for the holidays!) will “come to a very happy conclusion.”