Jon Corzine Doing Whatever He Can to Make Chris Christie Look Fatter


It’s not enough for Jon Corzine to bombard television viewers with an ad portraying a particularly corpulent Chris Christie in slo-mo as the narrator uses the phrase “threw his weight around.” Too subtle. So Corzine is making the contrast between himself and his Republican opponent for governor a bit more explicit by, literally, running around a lot. The incumbent Democrat has been “conspicuously running in 5- and 10-kilometer races almost every weekend,” reports the Times, and is planning on bounding through the streets of Newark next week with mayor Cory Booker, probably just to show that he can. Corzine, however, denies any cruel intentions.

Well, okay, but the difference is that Christie’s ads don’t call Corzine a “bald-face liar” while the camera slowly pans across his naked scalp. Perhaps that’s what Christie should do if he wants to gives Corzine a taste of his own medicine. Followed by a very public donation to Locks of Love.

Corzine Points a Spotlight at His Rival’s Waistline [NYT]