Leib Glanz Is Our New Favorite Sketchy Rabbi


This summer, the Post discovered Rabbi Leib Glanz, who resigned his post at the Corrections Department after it was revealed that he allowed one Orthodox prisoner at the Tombs to use a jail basketball court for his son’s bar mitzvah. After sniffing around, the tabloid discovered that Glanz had also allowed an engagement party in the space, and in fact regularly gave perks out to Jewish inmates, like bringing them kosher snacks and letting them watch movies in his office. So, naturally, the Post decided to take a special interest in Glanz and keep an eye on him for further hilarity. This week they caught him double parking outside his home and using city-issued placards to avoid getting a ticket. He also pulls the same move in no-parking zones elsewhere in the city, including, admirably, in front of schools where buses full of children need to park. It’s pretty harmless, really, but the best part is that one of the placards he uses is from the FDNY. It describes him as an “active firefighter.” Look at this man. While we could potentially stretch our minds to imagine that this dude is a “firefighter” (somebody has to drive the trucks, right? Or feed the Dalmatian?), we’re pretty sure not even a traffic cop would believe that he’s “active.”