Levi Johnston and Matthew Settle, Full-Frontal Fathers


Because it’s nearing the end of the day, and because it’s just too embarrassing to write two posts in one day about the nudity of guys we fetishize, allow us to just collapse this into one post. Levi Johnston’s awesome manager, Tank Jones, told TMZ earlier today that his buddy was, indeed, going to pose fully frontally nude for Playgirl.com. “Everything’s gonna hang out,” he said. “We’re talking full Johnson.” The shoot will be scheduled on November 16, the same day Sarah Palin is set to appear on Oprah.

In other nude, oddly-too-young-father news, OMG blog unearthed some saucy pictures of Matthew Settle, a.k.a. Rufus from Gossip Girl. We won’t post them here, but let’s just say the view is just as Vanessa always imagined it would be.

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