Madonna Is Stealing Some of Oprah’s Moves


After reporting on British TV that he has a thing for threesomes (but not with Jessica Simpson), Gerard Butler showed up at the Waverly Inn with two guys and a foreign blonde girl. And Jamie Foxx drove Butler “crazy” by repeatedly screaming “Spartans! Spartans!” in his Law Abiding Citizen dressing room. A-Rod ventured into Kabbalah for his then-girlfriend, Madonna, but now Kate Hudson has him giving Buddhism a shot. She even brought her prayer beads to last Friday’s game. Meanwhile, Madge is heading back to Malawi on Sunday to start an all-girls’ school. Oprah didn’t think she was the only one, right? After hammering Avenue’s managers with calls and e-mails, Lindsay Lohan was finally allowed back in the club, and proceeded to enjoy another sober night out. She was banned after tweeting that Justin Timberlake was dancing with a girl who wasn’t Jessica Biel, but she says someone had hacked into her Twitter account.

Mayor Bloomberg tried to give a 7-year-old-girl a high-five after a press conference yesterday, but she left him hanging. Oliver Stone’s been collecting his friends on the Upper East Side for Wall Street 2 cameos, shooting townhouse scenes with Julia Koch, Hamish Bowles, Amy Fine Collins, and Peggy Siegal. Former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas says that he never questioned Magic Johnson’s sexuality, even though Johnson and Larry Bird write that he did in their upcoming book When the Game Was Ours. Newt Gingrich bumped (literally) into former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff while exiting ‘21.’ CNBC’s “Money Honey,” Maria Bartiromo, is headed to Stanford to serve as an honorary teaching fellow. And Michael’s has started daily tweets in which it announces its power lunchers, like yesterday’s crowd of Tom Brokaw, Mark Burnett, and Robert Morgenthau. Because everyone’s just dying to know who’s putting $36 Cobb salads on the corporate card on what day.

Just two months in, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was “let go” from Melrose Place, but surely it has nothing to do with her fine acting talent. Paris Hilton wants everyone to know that she’s “very down to earth and smart” and she just puts on a “baby voice” for the sake of her public persona. Smallville’s Sam Jones was arrested on Wednesday for planning to purchase and distribute over 10,000 oxycodone pills; he faces up to twenty years in jail. Rather than arresting Dennis Quaid for driving while tipsy, a cop suggested he go inside Philippe to call a cab. And Dwayne Carter (a.k.a. Lil Wayne) pleaded guilty to a felony gun rap after a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic was found in his tour bus. He’ll be spending a year behind bars. And as for the day’s most tragic news, Jennifer Aniston’s Corgi-terrier, Norman, is in grave condition.