Major Garrett Has Swine Flu


The White House has carefully excluded briefing-room regular Major Garrett from its fatwa against Fox News, because even though he’s sometimes a jerk, all White House reporters are sometimes jerks (except one). And they are probably feeling good about that this week, because Garrett has come down with swine flu, and is staying largely off the air and outside of the White House. (As opposed to, say, becoming a human virus bomb and taking out the enemy from within.) Mediaite claimed the story earlier today, using one of our favorite tactics (emphasis ours): “After a summer of Celebrity Swine Flu Watch, Mediaite has learned Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett is the latest reporter to contract the H1N1 virus, or Swine Flu,” they write, going on to quote Garrett’s own Twitter feed. Aw, Twitter. Best exclusive source ever.

Fox News Reporter Major Garrett Latest Celeb To Contract H1N1 Virus [Mediaite]