Major Mackerel in Samurai Sword Attack!


On Sunday, Brooklyn resident Garfield Dixon was hospitalized after his neighbor Oscar Joseph attacked him for flirting with his wife. You may know Dixon better as Major Mackerel, the dance-hall reggae star from the eighties whose hits included “Sorry Fi Botha” and “Dutty Bungle.” He was ambushed outside his home in East Flatbush by Joseph, who was, naturally, wielding a Samurai sword. After a brief argument, according to Mackerel’s girlfriend Novia Watson, they began “wrastling for the sword.” “It was a big surprise,” said Mackerel, who ended up getting slashed on the head and hand. (Joseph was promptly arrested.) From the Daily News story, it seems like poor Mackerel’s girlfriend was more broken up about the whole thing than he himself was. “He was chopped with a sword,” Watson said. “I couldn’t believe it!” “I don’t feel bad,” Mackerel told the tabloid outside his home upon returning from the hospital, still wearing his gown. “These things happen … It’s a Jamaican thing.”

1980s reggae star Major Mackarel attacked by jealous neighbor with samurai sword [NYDN]