Marcus Schrenker Wants to Tell You How He Really Feels


Sure, you know that Indiana money manager Marcus Schrenker responded to relatively minor securities-fraud charges with relatively major action, by concocting an escape plan in which he attempted to fake his own death by calling a false Mayday and parachuting out of his private plane into a Florida swamp. Yes, you’ve seen the script he wrote reminding himself to tell the air-traffic controllers that he had a “cracked windshield, window imploded, bleeding profusely” and the e-mails he sent to friends after he was supposedly dead, have seen his wife sobbing on the Today show about how she didn’t know he was a loony tune. But do you really know Marcus Schrenker, and what happened to him that day?

Can you imagine what that daring escape felt like? The moist swampy air hitting his cool forehead as he descended, the adrenaline rush he felt as he plodded through the mud toward the sweet red Yamaha motorcycle that he planned on driving into the sunset? Do you know what was going on inside, other than an interior dialogue comprised of phrases like, “I made it!” “I’m a genius!” and “Wow, ‘profusely’ was an awesome touch!” Don’t you want to know what it is like to get inside the mind of someone so blissfully free of concern for anyone other than himself, so much so that he left a fucking plane flying in the fucking sky? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck, because Marcus Schrenker is writing a memoir.

Ind. money manager plans book about plane crash [NWI Times via HuffPo]
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